Apple Vision Pro Lacks Lockdown Mode

This post is more of a quick PSA. I have been breaking in my new Apple Vision Pro and I was surprised to see that it doesn’t support Lockdown Mode.

There is no option to enable Lockdown Mode at the bottom of the “Privacy & Settings” screen in the Settings app. This is where it normally is on iOS and macOS. There is also not a relevant result when you search for “Lockdown Mode” in Settings.

I also tested that it’s not enabled as some kind of hidden setting that doesn’t show up in the interface. WebGL is disabled when Lockdown Mode is enabled; WebGL works fine on the Apple Vision Pro web browser.

There’s also no website specific option to turn off Lockdown Mode.

The Apple documentation also does not yet mention Lockdown Mode for visionOS at all. It says Lockdown Mode is available in “iOS 16 or later, iPadOS 16 or later, watchOS 10 or later, and macOS Ventura or later.”

So it looks like there really is just no Lockdown Mode for this device right now. Hopefully it comes soon! This thing has just as much attack surface as any other device Apple makes, and we’ve already seen that it needs protection from the same attacks that affect the rest of the Apple ecosystem.

P.S.: While I’m on the subject, I also want to give some kudos to @0xjprx, who found a kernel bug in visionOS on launch day. Was not expecting to see that!