Hi! I’m g1a55er. I am an independent computer security/privacy/policy researcher.

I have worked on basically all layers of the computing stack, including:

  • Developing bare-metal firmware for Cortex M0/M4 chips
  • Using logic analyzers like Saleae to debug UART/SPI/I2C communications in embedded systems
  • Creating apps inside ThreadX/FreeRTOS on Cortex M0/M4 and A5X chips
  • Bringing up Embedded Linux and Android for custom hardware on smartphone SoCs
  • Validating and troubleshooting WiFi/BLE/BT Classic wireless communications with protocol analyzers (e.g. like those from Teledyne/Frontline)
  • Porting complicated embedded systems builds to run remotely on cloud providers for Jenkins-managed CI builds
  • Developing mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Crafting custom TCP/Protobuf protocols as well as working with standard TCP/TLS/HTTPS and UDP/QUIC stacks
  • Providing network security for the custom protocols with standard cryptographic primitives like ECDH and AES-GCM
  • Debugging mobile-backend communications using mitmproxy and Wireshark
  • Lovingly crafting old-school web frontends using raw HTTP/JS/CSS (with a hint of JQuery)
  • Pairing those frontends with backend services based on the equally classic LAMP stack

Feel free to contact me via email at x at g1a55er dot net, as @g1a55er on Twitter, on Mastodon as g1a55er@infosec.exchange, as @g1a55er on GitHub, or on Signal at +1 (513) 900-1337.